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I first came to Dr. Sanger a little over six years ago with a pretty traumatic case. I was in need of immediate extensive work and I had been to several specialist in town; many of which I left in tears.At 21 years old, a previous injury that occurred when I was a child resurfaced and my body was starting to reject major dental work that I received when I was a young child. I had developed a pretty serious infection from my prior injury and it was starting to eat away the bone in my gums which I spent many years trying to save and regain after my accident as a child. The worst part was that the teeth that suffered all of the trauma was my very front three teeth.he teeth that were completely out there on display for the world to see. The most heart breaking experience for me was visiting so many specialist who literally did not care much about the end result. Most of the treatment plans that I received were quick, all at once and expensive strategies just to get me in and out. Finally, one day I was referred to Dr. Sanger by a dentist and scheduled my appointment as I was losing hope.

Walking into Dr. Sanger's office was like a breath of fresh air! Unlike so many other specialist, she was very concerned that the end product be the absolute best result possible for my situation, knowing and realizing that I was young and that my smile was a huge part of my self-confidence and would be for a very long time. What 21 year old is not concerned about their smile? It's the first thing that people see when they meet you and it leaves one of the biggest impressions on others. Dr. Sanger did not make any promises that she wasn't 100% certain she couldn't keep. She let me know of all of the situations that could go wrong BUTshe promised to do everything she possibly could to make it work and not only make it look the best that it could but leave me with quality work that would stand the test of time. Her plan for my recovery was more conservative and broke down into phases. Instead of going in to do all of the work at once she did one major procedure at a time. She allowed that work to heal and then she would evaluate the end result to see if she needed to go back and make it better. She is an absolute perfectionist and is very meticulous about her work and I SO appreciated that when it came to my mouth and the work that she did on my front teeth. She spent around a year in total making sure that the work done to me was the absolute best.

After receiving the extensive work that Dr. Sanger did six years ago, which included extracting my front teeth, removing the infection, completing bone and tissue grafting and inserting my implants, I could not be happier! I receive compliments on my smile all of the time. My smile gives me so much confidence and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sanger for her beautiful and meticulous work and for caring enough to make sure that I would be happy and confident for so many more years to come!

I would highly recommend Dr. Sanger. Her knowledge and pride in her work is extremely comforting as a patient and I choose to continue to use Dr. Sanger's services and expertise today!
- Angelica H.

I, unfortunatelly, began my path with Periodontal Disease at a relatively early age in my 20's. Over the past 40 or so years I have visited a number of local Periodontists. A few of which, I'm sorry to say, I would not see again due to unsatisfactory experience. However, since seeng Dr. Sanger I feel that my wandering is over. She has is all - compassion, knowledge, communication skills, and is clearly concerned for her patients best interest.
- Patient

Dr. Sanger's staff is helpful, compassionate and definitely part of a complete team. Dr. Sanger is caring, kind and very knowledgeable. After ten years of lower denture wear, I found that my denture was no longer serviceable. It moved around and would become loose and pop up from my jaw at the most inopportune times. I was using denture adhesive constantly and found that I had to replace it for or five times a day. I often found myself in embarrassing situations. The bone in my lower jaw had receded so much the denture would no longer stay in place. My dentist replaced the denture numerous times but we finally realized that another solution must be made. He suggested looking into implants to secure my denture and make it solid. I was apprehensive as I had so little bone left. I was referred to Dr. Sanger and my journey began. When I walked into the office I was instantly welcomed. Everyone was very pleasant and, I knew, on my side. I felt that they became part of a coalition that was going to do everything to make my implants a success. During the consultation Dr Sanger explained everything very carefully. She explained the good, bad and the pitfalls. I felt immediately that she would only do what she knew would be successful. A complete evaluation of my jaw Bone and gums was done. X-rays were taken and a Cat Scan was completed. There was no hurrying. Everything was done at a pace that allowed me to absorb and understand all the treatment procedures. When the decision was made that the implants were possible I had complete confidence in the procedure. There was no pain during the actual treatment and minimal pain afterwards. Everything was explained to me as Dr. Sanger Worked. After the surgery I had very little swelling and no discomfort. I was called that evening to make sure my progress was good and checked regularly during my healing. Dr. Sanger modified my old denture so I could continue my everyday life with my lower teeth in place. She coordinated my care with my regular dentist where my new denture was being made. Dr. Sanger has helped oversee the adjustment of the new denture. I am now able to eat whatever I want. My face no longer has a sunken look. My denture is stable and does not move when I am eating or speaking. The implants have made me feel like I have natural teeth again. This had been such a success for me. I eat whatever I want and speak with complete confidence as I know my teeth will not move. The restoration of my mouth exceeds any expectations I had. The implants have changed my life in the most positive way possible.
- P.W

I have four (4) implants all upper with a denture. I was a little skeptical of all the benefits explained to me. After about a year I’m extremely satisfied with how my upper denture feels and works. I ride bicycle approximately 100 miles per week and never any problems. I am extremely satisfied with my implants.
- K.P.

I would be happy to refer anyone to Dr. Sanger. Every visit was a great experience. You are in the best of hands with Dr. Sanger. She is professional yet makes you feel she personally cares about you. Her staff is both friendly and professional. You will feel confident you are getting the best.
- T.S.

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to the dentist. I retired in 2006 at age 55. Prior to retirement, every year I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. The woman who cleaned my teeth warned me that due to the fact that I had diabetes and heart disease that it was very important for me to have my teeth cleaned regularly. After retirement my attitude was foot loose and fancy free. I enjoy traveling and we spent a lot of time traveling around the country. I didn’t have to work now so I assumed a fairly irresponsible lifestyle. I brushed my teeth daily but since I was out of town I didn’t make it to those teeth cleanings. Then in the spring of 2009 I began to have many unusual physical ailments. I had splotches all over my body. I would break out in hives for no apparent reason. My lips would swell very large and become numb. I went to my doctor for a solution. He gave me a shot that cased an allergic reaction and I had to take the ambulance to the hospital. I was weak all the time. I couldn’t go to the gym and do my regular exercise program. I endured this situation for about eight months. I noticed that one of my teeth was loose. I wiggled it but it wouldn’t come out. So I decided that I needed to go see the dentist. The dentist took X-rays and explained that I needed to go see a dental surgeon because I had periodontal disease. I started reading about periodontal disease and learned that could increase problems with my heart. I had dental surgery and now I feel a lot better. The unusual physical ailment stopped. I have recently had a heart stress test to alleviate fears that the disease might have had a sever affect on my heart. Now I scrub my teeth after every meal, use floss and mouth wash and get my teeth cleaned every three months. And now I am getting ready to go on a trip to Alaska, but I will be back before my next dental appointment.
- R.M.

Dr. Sanger’s office promotes high standards toward there patients, honesty, integrity, she develops talented and committed employees. Dr. Sanger and her staff have shown a pleasant cheerful with natural charm towards anyone who enters this office. I have received great information of her talents. She is an exceptional person, doctor and friend. I have always had a fear of dental profession, however Dr. Sanger and her staff possesses many talents an unique combination of skills to make your procedure safe and focuses on your personal needs. - -
- L.A.

I would like to take the time to “Thank” the professional staff and Dr. Sanger for all of my dental work. I am extremely happy with the service that they have provided me. Once again I cannot overly express how satisfied the ending results, it truly exceed my expectations to an unbelievable level. Thank you. J.P.

Dr. Sanger was excellent, she explained in detail before she stated the procedure (crown lengthening) there was nothing unsaid about the procedure and her staff was so nice and very helpful, they all have ten stars from me. Thank you so much.
- F.M.

Staff appears confident, efficient, well trained, respectful of each others duties and responsibilities, all of which translates to a reassuring environment for the patient. The equipment is top-of-the-line modern and amazingly cleaned and well prepared for the process. Impressive!
- E.A.

I was referred to Dr. Sanger for an extraction and dental implant. I have had previous dental implants in UCLA and this was by far a much better experience. The staff is great. Dr. Sanger is very patient, explains everything, answered all of my questions. I was always comfortable and in very confident hands. L.C. A FEW WORDS FROM OUR PATIENTS Definitely go to see Dr. Sanger. Dr. Sanger’s demeanor and confidence puts you completely at ease during your first visit. Her knowledge and ability to explain help you through every phase of your care.
- P.W.

Being a patient of Dr. Martha Sanger has been a comfortable and warm experience. Having had extensive dental work done by Dr. Sanger over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting the team assembled in the Doctor’s office. The receptionist, assistants and hygienist, all are very professional. The attention to patient questions and concerns is outstanding, there sense of humor and candor has made me feel relaxed, making my visits enjoyable. I commend Dr. Sanger for the team she has put together, it has made me trust, and put all my confidence in her, and her work. I am grateful, that my Dentist referred me to Dr. Sanger’s office, I would refer anyone.
- D.M.

First of all periodontal surgery is a very frightening thought to endure. Dr. Sanger eased my anxiety tremendously by talking to me through the process in a calm manner. Dr. Sanger and her assistant are very courteous and gentle with their patients. I can’t imagine having a better experience else where.
- T.H.

Dr. Sanger and Staff, I could never thank you enough but that won’t keep me from trying! Thank you for the excellent care you have given me. The skill in which you perform your work is amazing. Your staff is very much appreciated. Also, thanks for accommodating my crazy fears.
- T.R.

This experience at Dr. Sanger’s was outstanding. She knows the technology and she knows about the care a patient needs. The staff has been showing dexterity and care too. This dental treatment has made my smile look as a 15 year old again. I love it!
- M.T.

Dr. Sanger and her staff make a less than fun experience easy. They are cheerful and kind and I highly recommend them! There was very little discomfort during my procedure and everything was explained well.
- T.M.

Dr. Sanger is very knowledgeable and does her work professionally and with perfection. Her staff is the best I’ve ever worked with. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for periodontal work. During the week after implants put in, I was at store and a lady I spoke with told me I had a beautiful smile.
- J.N.