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Dr. Sanger is a specialist with training in periodontics, dental implants and full mouth reconstruction. Her practice is limited to these services so that she can focus on what she loves doing most—helping patients recover their oral health and their confidence to smile. She finds it immensely rewarding to take a patient who has been afraid to smile for many years and give them their confidence back.

Full-Service Dental Implants

Combining advanced technology and her many years of experience, Dr. Sanger is able to provide full-service dental implant treatment in one office. She has been placing implants since 1990 and has treated thousands of dental implant patients. In addition to performing the implant surgery, Dr. Sanger designs and places the beautiful replacement teeth that go on the implants.

Save Your Teeth with Expert Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Sanger has specialist training in the treatment of the gum and bone surrounding teeth, and is expert at correctly diagnosing and effectively treating gum disease. As a result, she has been able to help many people save their teeth.

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Friendly, Caring Treatment

“I needed implants and a more permanent solution to my problems. I had to have all my teeth removed and I had been apprehensive about seeing a dentist but my experience with Dr. Sanger was awesome. She was highly recommended and told me what needed to be done. I could see she really cared about making everything better. I received the All-on-4 New Teeth in One Day Procedure.

"I love my new teeth and now I have no restrictions on the foods I want to eat. Dr. Sanger is friendly, honest and talented. She's great at everything, very skilled. I would recommend her to anyone who will listen.”

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Full-Service Dental Implants

Missing Teeth? Broken-down teeth? Or you don’t want dentures? Chew better and have a beautiful smile with Dental Implants!

Dr. Sanger provides complete dental implant treatment in the comfort of one office. She can place your dental implants and also create and place your new teeth and make sure they are strong and natural-looking and that you have a beautiful smile. She uses the latest 3D technology to make treatment minimally invasive and very successful.

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Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Save Your Teeth with Gentle and Effective Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Sanger helps patients avoid losing their teeth to gum disease. She uses micro-instruments and minimally invasive techniques to combat all levels of gum disease, from mild to severe.

She is also able to repair almost any damage that the gum disease may have caused to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth.

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New Teeth in One Day

Get a Beautiful Smile and Full Chewing Power in One Day with All-on4® Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Unable to eat the foods you used to enjoy? Afraid to smile or show your teeth? Or are you tired of loose, uncomfortable dentures? Dr. Sanger uses the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure to replace one or both arches of your teeth in just one day, using only four implants on each arch and no bone grafting needed!

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Receding Gums?

Get back a youthful, confident smile with the quick and minimally invasive Chao Pinhole® Technique.

With the Chao Pinhole Technique Dr. Sanger can fix receding gums in just one to two hours. The procedure requires no gum grafting and is minimally invasive, with minimal post-treatment discomfort.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Our relaxing, light and airy office is equipped with the latest technology

Dr. Sanger uses a dental 3D imaging scanner to capture 3D X-rays for dental implant and other treatment planning.
The practice's pleasant office and friendly staff put our patients at ease when they come in for their dental treatment visits.

Our Disinfecting Policies to Protect You During the Coronavirus Season

We have always made sterilization and disinfection of our office a priority. That in itself protects you from possible disease transmission during this outbreak as well as any viral season. Here are the policies that we have in place:

1. We are asking every patient to wash his or her hands in our presence in the treatment room. That is for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.

2. Our staff and doctors wash their hands in the presence of the patient at the beginning of every visit.

3. We are cleaning our instruments in two areas after treatment. One is by the assistants in the treatment room. The second is by our sterilization assistant in the sterilization room. That is done under 2.5X magnification.

4. We are disinfecting all common areas such as door handles, knobs, public surfaces both in the treatment rooms and the reception room and front desk area, bathroom faucets, toilet handles, seats, etc. on a frequent basis throughout the day.

5. We use new masks and gloves for every patient.

6. We cover all surfaces, hoses, and electronics with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is changed between patients.

7. We encourage you as well as our staff to avoid touching our faces.

8. If you are ill, please reschedule your appointment with us. We are sending any patient or staff member home who has symptoms of illness.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding our disinfection and sterilization policies and look forward to making every visit to our office safe, comfortable, and effective.