Why Come to Us for Dental Implants

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Advanced Training

Dr. Sanger has extensive training in dental implant treatment. She continues to learn by taking advanced courses and staying on top of the latest technology. Dr. Sanger is highly trained in dental implant placement and periodontal (gum) treatment. Her advanced training enables her to effectively treat even the most complex cases.




Complete Dental Implant Treatment

We can provide you with all aspects of your dental implant treatment, including the replacement teeth and procedures that may be needed for successful and lasting implant placement, such as bone grafting.


All Services in One Office

Dr. Sanger practiced as a general dentist prior to focusing on dental implants and because of this, she is able to provide full-mouth treatment in one office, giving you a beautiful and functional new smile.


Skilled Experts at Saving Teeth

We are experts at saving teeth and strive to do so whenever possible. Dr. Sanger can give you a second opinion to determine whether you need to have dental implants.


Can Handle Complex Procedures

Through her advanced training and over 29 years of experience, Dr. Sanger has experienced all types of dental situations. As a result, she is well prepared to handle complex cases.


State-of-the-Art Technology

To provide you with the best care, our office is equipped with the latest technology, including a 3D dental CT scanner that provides images in a 360 degree view.  This enables Dr. Sanger to accurately plan treatment ahead of time, making  treatment efficient and minimally invasive. 

Free Implant Consultation

Implant Consultation

  • Meet with Dr. Sanger
  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Learn about treatment options
  • Get any questions answered


Call 661-384-8339 or click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanger.

“When I came to Dr. Sanger I needed implants and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Sanger was great about the whole process. She’s honest and informative, and I felt comfortable with her."

"My smile is much nicer now and I have more confidence. I am no longer in pain. 
— Tasha, dental implants