Dental Implants in Bakersfield and Visalia

Dental Implants in Bakersfield

Dr. Sanger loves restoring patients' smiles and giving them the ability to chew with strong and durable dental implants. She uses the latest 3D technology to make treatment minimally invasive.

Missing Teeth?

Broken-Down Teeth?

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Chew Better and Have a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants!

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces a tooth root and supports a new tooth or teeth. Implant-supported teeth look, function and feel like real teeth and, with proper care, they can last a lifetime. Dental implants are very strong. Because they are so much like actual teeth, implants can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

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Experienced Implant Dentist

Dr. Sanger has been providing implant dentistry for over 28 years and has treated thousands of dental implant patients. She received extensive education in implant dentistry as part of her periodontal training in Colombia and has taken numerous continuing education courses covering all aspects of dental implants in both Colombia and the United States. She also completed a year-long Master’s Program in Dental Implantology at UCLA.



State-of-the-Art Technology and Precision Planning

dental implant technology bakersfield

Patients receive detailed and thorough diagnostics, including 3D X-rays (see inset) for planning implant treatment.

Dr. Sanger does most of the work for implant placement before the surgery. She does a comprehensive examination and takes 3D X-rays to capture images of the teeth and jaw area. These 3D scans get relayed to special implant planning software that she uses to simulate the surgery in a 360-degree view.

Dr. Sanger assesses the volume, quality and height of the jawbone and inspects the location of the nerves, sinuses and surrounding structures to ensure your implants are safely placed.


Full-Service Implant Dentistry in One Office

Thanks to modern technology, Dr. Sanger can help anyone with missing or badly broken-down teeth enjoy the benefits of dental implants. Because she can do the surgery as well as design and place the replacement tooth or teeth (crowns, bridges and dentures), you can have the entire procedure done in the comfort of one office.


Advanced Procedures for Faster Healing

In order to promote healing and minimize post-treatment discomfort, Dr. Sanger uses special growth proteins that are extracted from a small amount of your own blood. These proteins reduce swelling and speed up the healing process.


Patient Comfort is a Priority

patient comfort

Patients are kept comfortable at all times during treatment.

Dr. Sanger ensures that you are comfortable at all times. She explains the procedure so you know what to expect. To ensure complete safety during implant placement, Dr. Sanger prepares the room so everything is surgically sterile. For patients who are nervous, or for long procedures, Dr. Sanger offers oral and IV sedation.

Benefits of Implants

implant before and after

This patient's front teeth were damaged in an accident. Dr. Sanger replaced the broken teeth with implants, giving back her confidence and smile.

  • Implants let you talk, chew and exert pressure, just like with natural teeth.
  • Implants are the strongest and longest-lasting replacement for missing teeth.
  • Implants don’t require alteration to the structure of adjacent teeth, as with dental bridges.
  • Implant-supported dentures have no false palate, so you can taste your food.
  • Implants help preserve bone in the jaw. They prevent the collapsed, wrinkled look from progressive bone loss that occurs with dentures and missing teeth.

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Beautiful, Long-Lasting New Teeth

long lasting teethAs both an implant surgeon and general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sanger knows how the new teeth should look and function. The teeth attached to the implants are made by high-quality labs, using the most advanced materials for strength, durability and aesthetics.

Using her advanced training and experience in gum treatment, Dr. Sanger makes sure that the fit of your new implant teeth to the gums looks totally natural. She can also perform any soft tissue grafting procedures that may be needed to ensure a beautiful result.


free implant consultation

Dr. Sanger explains the procedure in easy-to-understand terms.

Implant Consultation

  • Meet with Dr. Sanger
  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Learn about treatment options
  • Get any questions answered



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