Patient Testimonials

“My husband was a dentist and he spoke very highly of Dr. Sanger. I used to be very afraid of going to the dentist, but I lost that fear with Dr. Sanger. She’s very honest, trustworthy, efficient and caring. She made me feel very comfortable when working on me, and I didn’t have any pain after the procedures—I didn’t even need pain medication.

“Dr. Sanger is an artist when it comes to dentistry—she saved my teeth and made them look nice. She has a good eye to pick out the color if you need a crown and she uses a good lab with up-to-date equipment. My new teeth feel like my natural teeth and the color is perfect.” — Ligia, dental implants, crowns, veneers & gum recontouring

“I had several bad experiences from a previous dentist and was feeling discomfort. Dr. Sanger saw me, walked me through the whole procedure and used state-of-the-art equipment. Her staff makes me feel like family and is very professional. My implant was painless and I have not experienced any discomfort ever since. I’m now more confident with my smile.” — Reginald, dental implants

“I needed implants, crowns, basically everything. I wasn't satisfied with my previous dental work and when I met Dr. Sanger I knew she was the right person to take care of it. The price was good and she knew what she was talking about.

"I like the quality and dedication Dr. Sanger showed throughout the entire treatment. Her professional experience made it possible to rehabilitate my teeth, and thanks to her I feel happy. Most importantly, my teeth are in excellent condition and they look and feel great.” — Lucia, dental implants & gum grafts

“When I came to see Dr. Sanger, my teeth were in very poor condition, many were going to fall out and needed to be extracted. I received All-on-4 dental implants and have been very happy with them ever since. Having the implants has given me more confidence when I smile, I can eat the foods I enjoy and I have no more pain.” — Terry, gum disease treatment & All-on-4 New Teeth in One Day 


“I wanted to be able to smile, but I was really self-conscious because my upper teeth were in bad condition. Dr. Sanger is thorough, she took the time to review what needed to be done and explained it in a way that I could understand. She removed my fear and put me at ease. I’m now able to smile and not feel self-conscious. I’m able to really chew my food and there’s more of a variety of foods I can eat.” — William, All-on-4, dental implants & gum grafts

“After receiving the extensive work that Dr. Sanger did six years ago, I could not be happier! I receive compliments on my smile all the time. My smile gives me so much confidence and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sanger for her beautiful and meticulous work, and for caring enough to make sure that I would be happy and confident for so many more years to come!

“I highly recommend Dr. Sanger. Her knowledge and pride in her work is extremely comforting as a patient, and I choose to continue to use Dr. Sanger’s services and expertise today!” — Angelica, infection removal, bone & tissue grafting, dental implants


“I needed implants and a more permanent solution to my problems. I had to have all my teeth removed and I had been apprehensive about seeing a dentist but my experience with Dr. Sanger was awesome. She was highly recommended and told me what needed to be done. I could see she really cared about making everything better. I received the All-on-4 New Teeth in One Day Procedure.

"I love my new teeth and now I have no restrictions on the foods I want to eat. Dr. Sanger is friendly, honest and talented. She's great at everything, very skilled. I would recommend her to anyone who will listen.” — Steve, All-on-4 New Teeth in One Day

“Dr. Sanger is good at everything she does. She has a vision and knows what she expects the end result to be. She has this way about her, you automatically trust her and know it’s going to be great.” — Nora, All-on 4


“When I came to Dr. Sanger I needed implants and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Sanger was great about the whole process. She’s honest and informative, and I felt comfortable with her, and I am no longer in pain. My smile is much nicer now and I have more confidence.” — Tasha, dental implants

“Dr. Sanger was very friendly and helpful. She was very efficient at assessing the damage and coming up with a treatment plan. She took the time to explain the procedure and made sure that I was comfortable. She was great with my implants. They are perfect.” — Bud, gum disease treatment & dental implants

“I didn’t want to struggle with dentures like my parents did, so I decided to replace them with implants. Now I have beautiful teeth with my implants. I no longer have pain and am able to eat foods that I haven’t been able to chew in years. I’m also no longer self-conscious about my smile.

 “I had a lower denture that was constantly moving, and I was looking for a more permanent solution. My dentist recommended Dr. Sanger. She was very upfront with me and I appreciated that. I had lost a lot of bone, but I was still able to get implants. Now I can eat anything, I feel very comfortable all the time, and I don't worry about my teeth slipping. It's really marvelous. She really knows what she is doing.” — Peggy, 2 implant retained denture

“A friend recommended Dr. Sanger to me. I had all kinds of issues with my teeth and gums and I was worried about it getting worse, but Dr. Sanger and the staff made me feel welcome and at ease. They are so competent. Dr. Sanger was so meticulous. She is an excellent oral surgeon. I experienced no problems. My quality of life has improved. I have a beautiful smile, and I can eat apples.” — Patrick, gum disease treatment & dental implants

"Before coming to Dr. Sanger, I had never liked my teeth. They were too small for me, and I didn’t like my smile. Dr. Sanger fixed my whole mouth for me. She is so gentle, and she really cares. I now have a beautiful smile!” — Pamela, cosmetic gum recontouring & dental implants

“I am not the bravest person in the dental chair, but Dr. Sanger always made me feel comfortable and I never felt rushed. She and the staff explained things to me so I always knew what to expect. The overall health of my teeth has improved dramatically.” — Danny, gum disease treatment & dental implants

“Dr. Sanger has a real love for her job. She is so patient and explains things every step of the way. I am more confident about my appearance and know that I can now take good care of my teeth. Dr. Sanger has done a great job. — Marjorie, gum disease treatment & dental implants

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