All-on-4® Vs. Traditional Dentures

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Tired of Dentures?

denturesDentures are a far cry from natural teeth. They provide only about 10 percent of natural chewing power, which means a restricted diet for most people. Dentures slip and can be uncomfortable, and they can move or fall out, causing embarrassment. They have to be removed at night for cleaning.

Dentures constantly lose their fit, and as a result, they rub against the gums, causing sores and making chewing painful. People can feel that their quality of life is reduced as a result. Many denture wearers are unaware that another option even exists. Because dentures can accelerate bone loss, denture wearers may have been told that they cannot receive dental implants.

Thanks to the All-on-4 procedure, even if you have significant bone loss, you can replace loose, uncomfortable dentures with fixed, implant-supported new teeth.

Compare All-on-4 to Traditional Dentures

Traditional, Unstable Denture

  • The false palate of an upper denture can inhibit your ability to taste and enjoy food
  • Dentures slip and move, and can come out while you talk or eat
  • Unnatural, bulky plastic teeth
  • Gooey, messy adhesive is needed to keep your dentures in place
  • Weak bite, poor chewing ability
  • Bone loss occurs when you have missing teeth and dentures accelerate the bone loss process, causing eventual collapse of the facial muscles

Permanent, All-on-4 Teeth

  • No false upper palate, so you can enjoy food again
  • All-on-4 provides stable, fixed-in teeth that never move
  • Your teeth are made from natural-looking, beautiful and strong zirconia
  • No more goo—ends bad breath!
  • Close-to-natural chewing power allows you to eat almost anything
  • The ability to chew normally keeps your jawbone stimulated and prevents bone loss
All-on-4 Full-Arch Teeth Replacement in One Day

All-on-4 Consultation

all-on-4 consultation bakersfieldFind out if you are a candidate for the All-on-4 procedure. With this offer, you will:

  • Meet with Dr. Sanger
  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Learn about treatment options
  • Get any questions answered

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